Quick reflection on the WV TLI

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This week I’ve been in Morgantown, WV for the 2011 Teacher Leadership Institute. I’ll be very honest about the fact that my reasons for signing up was largely based on the extra money and new computer. Coming into the week I had only a vague idea about what we’d be working on…Common Core Standards and SMARTER Balanced Assessment.

I still have many thoughts circling my head about this institute. We had 3 types of sessions/work groups. First, we had the whole group (we’re talking hundreds of teachers) Death by PowerPoint sessions. Then we had our school group sessions, led by 2 facilitators from the state team. Finally, we had our content-specific teams.

Our Death by PowerPoint groups were difficult for me. I may (or may not for legal purposes) have threatened to punch co-workers in the throat for reading directly from PPT slides in faculty meetings. I hate them with a white hot passion. That said, I have no doubt the folks in charge are fun, interesting people who excel at what they do. Listen to them for a few minutes and it becomes obvious that they know their stuff. I would have just preferred a different method of content delivery.

Our school-based teams were a much better experience. We don’t often get the time to work and talk about thing that affect our school in a constructive way. Marty and Valerie did a very good job facilitating our sessions. I did have a little tension with Marty over tweeting early in the week, but after some conversation and sharing she became open to it. I’m not sure she’s 100% sold on it, but I love that she let me tweet 🙂

By far, my favorite time here at TLI has been our content-specific groups. I don’t want to say that the Arts people are more fun, but the Arts people are more fun 🙂 We did a lot of work on our non-verbal communication skills. We did a drumming session on day 1 in our group and then for the entire institute on day 2.

My big takeaways for the week have been the focus on targeting your assessment, figuring out what the knowledge is needed for specific tasks, and the work of Sir Ken Robinson.

It’s time to go hear our state Superintendent speak. I have quite a few things still in my head. Just wanted to get a few things down before they fell out of my head.

  1. Glad to hear that the powers that be finally invited the arts to the party! When I went to TLI, it had to be under the guise of a science teacher… Yeah, I’m certified to teach science. Yes, I have even taught high school science. But that just meant I got lumped in with other science teachers. No offense to any of my friends and family members who are science teachers, but …

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