Because I said I would…

Posted: August 3, 2011 in Uncategorized
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I’m writing. I’m sleepy, exhausted, and I probably even smell a bit from being in the sun and sweating all day. But, instead of sleeping or showering, I’m writing. (I’m making the effort here, folks!)

For the last couple of days our school has hosted Pacific Crest, a drum and bugle corps, while they prepared for Drums Across the Tri-State. I wish I had the words to adequately describe the experience. They slept in our gym and practiced on our field. They suffered cell phone withdrawl thanks to our lovely mountains and our little pocket of no coverage 🙂

We’re having band camp this week and our kids have several opportunities to watch Pacific Crest rehearse…to see how hard you have to work to be good at something. In addition to that lesson, our kids were able to spend a couple of hours with the PC folks and hang out with them in their sections. Even with all the time our kids spent watching “our corps” rehearse, they still weren’t prepared to see them take the field in full uniform.

The whole thing reminded me of kids on Christmas morning…the way the eyes light up and everything is one big possibility. It was a beautiful sight. One particularly important group (Pioneer, I think) was fairly small. Compared to the other groups, they were downright tiny. They were important to us because they showed our kids that you can be small and be good. We’re in a major rebuilding year. We’re VERY small this year and the kids (and quite a few adults) are upset about it. I think/hope that our kids feel better about themselves after seeing the different drum corps perform. I hope they see that hard work DOES pay off. I hope they see that size doesn’t always matter.


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