My work space.

Posted: August 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

“Organized” is not a word people would use to describe me. I do have moments of clarity and a clean desk top, but those are rare. My students know that anything they put on my desk will forever be lost. However, at the end of the school my desk was spotless. You’d think it would stay clean until school’s back in session. However, I didn’t factor in BAND CAMP!!!

My desk today…

I did get most of it cleaned up…there’s a few things left on it, but I at least have a place to work now.

Behind my desk I have a giant black cabinet. It’s littered with pictures from various live music events and notes from my students. (They love leaving notes for me for some strange reason.) I also had copies of our bell schedule and a DOK chart…stuff like that. Today I decided to take down the schedule and chart and all the other housekeeping things. I think my cabinet is going to be designated as my “feel good” area. If it doesn’t make me smile or uplift me in someway…it doesn’t go on the cabinet. (If only the whole room could be that way /sigh.)

By the way, I love quotes. Here are a few I have on my cabinet behind my desk.

Some more…

Did I mention that I love love love my quotes? I have more than I’ve posted here. They’re on post-its, index cards, and on bulletin boards. Over the summer, I’ve jotted down a few that are going to be added to my room. Some will go on the cabinet. Some will go on the front of my desk. At least one will be blown up and put on display over my white board.

So, if anyone has a suggestion for new quotes for me feel free to leave it/them in a comment. 🙂

  1. KevinHodgson says:

    nice to see Townes Van Zandt on yer wall …

  2. aprilestep says:


  3. Luke H. says:

    Great idea about keeping all things on the cabinet positive. Why not the whole room? 🙂

    • aprilestep says:

      I do try to create a positive space for my students, but I have to have the housekeeping stuff somewhere visible. Not that the housekeeping stuff is negative, but it doesn’t lift me up in anyway. I want my little work area to be strictly uplifting.

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