At least they’re not dull!

Posted: September 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

My kids are insane. I’m really not sure how they come up with the things they do. My 11 year old is particularly hilarious. Here are a few highlights from our evening out…had to pick up her new glasses…as well as a few from the last week.

“In science, I don’t think about cells. I think about taping 2 turtles together. I think they’d be unstoppable.”

“Murder convictions don’t look good on college applications.”

“Edward Cullen is nothing but a stalker…a creepy, 100+ year old stalker…who goes to high school. Really? I mean…really?”

“Andy, I love you. You’re an idiot most of the time, but I love you.”(To her 9 year old brother.)

“Bella. No. Just no.”

“Do you have any idea how difficult it is to be the lone Potter fan in a sea of Twi-hards?”

“Stephanie Myers…can she write a character that isn’t annoying? ‘Cause so far she hasn’t managed it!”

“I’m not really going to kill anyone. I’m 11. At best, I could kill their dreams like I did yours, mom. Haha, not really!”

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING??? Andy, look at her! Is she (dramatic pause) DANCING?!?!? (I was dancing a bit in my seat. She was horrified.)

“When I turn 14 you can write a 3. in icing in front of the 1-4 number candles so my cake will be pi! (Pause) I’m a pretty messed up kid, aren’t I?”

“I need to play the oboe to complete the nerd circle.

“That show reminds me of my childhood. Well, my early childhood. I’m pretty sure I’m still a kid. I didn’t suddenly become an adult in the last 20 minutes, did I? DID I???


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