IDT 600

Final paper, outline

Using Technology To Transform The Secondary Music Classroom

Because of the possibilities made available by technology, it has the power to transform music education. Technology allows music teachers to aid learning that is student-centered and tailored to the needs/interests of the student. While performing music groups are often the most visible evidence of a successful music program, they reflect a small number of the student population. By introducing technology-rich offerings, music programs can reach a larger number of students.

This paper will discuss the traditional music classroom, the changing make up of music education at the secondary level,  and how technology can be applied in a transformative way.

I. The traditional music classroom
A. Performance based
i. band
ii. orchestra
iii. choir
B. Non-performance based
i. theory
ii. history
iii. appreciation
II. Enrollment in traditional music classrooms
A. Performance based
B. Non-performance based
III. Technology use in traditional music classroom
A. Efficiency
B. Record keeping
C. Dissemination of information
D. Practice and review
IV. The non-traditional music classroom
A. Demand for
B. Courses offered
i. guitar/folk music
ii. piano
iii. digital music
iv. composing/arranging
V. Technology use in non-traditional classroom
VI.  Comparing the traditional and non-traditional music classroom
VII. Incorporating technology in a transformative way
VIII. Applications for technology in music education after the secondary school experience
A. Recreation
B. Career


  1. sonyaashby says:

    Music and Technology….two of my biggest passions! This is going to be a GREAT paper. 😀 You have a clear progression of ideas here. You might want to mention the unfortunate fact that music teachers usually inherit the “cream of the crap” in technology, and some suggestions to work around this. Here are a couple of my favorite music websites for secondary: and I’m sure your paper will be one of my favorites.

    • aprilestep says:

      Sonya, I’m very lucky in my county…I’m doing okay on tech. I’ve used both of those sites. I just did a presentation at the WVMEA conference and we discussed noteflight 🙂

  2. mkamalpk says:

    I think media has strong potential to transform a music classroom. Your outline is great. You might like to include a conclusion at the end of the paper.

    • aprilestep says:

      In my head the applications section at the end is the conclusion. I’ll edit and clarify that. Thanks 🙂

  3. You have a very clear plan through your outline and I think it will do quite well with addressing your topic. I have no idea what kind of technology is used (or isn’t used) in a music classroom so your paper will be very informative for me!

    Suggestion: It sounds like you are doing some compare and contrast between traditional classrooms and how technology can “transform” them. To make it easier to read, you may want to put the contrasts closer together. If you talk about technology to far down in the paper, the readers may have to keep referencing back to what part of the traditional classroom the technology is enhancing. (This may just be a preference in how I do it though, if so please disregard!)

  4. alisonkurtz says:

    Very focused and interesting topic that is not often addressed. Your outline is very detailed and has a nice flow as well as good supporting details. I will be interesting to see the research that helps to prove your argument – is there a lot out there dealing with music and technology?

    • aprilestep says:

      There is quite a bit of research. I’m lucky to know quite a few music educators who have a music tech certification that point me in the right direction.

  5. bdefiba2 says:

    I’m so interested in this topic. I can’t wait to see how to you effectively utilize technology in music education. I relate music education to physical education whereas it may sometimes be difficult to apply technology to everyday practice. The outline is very clear and the background is cool!

  6. kyled79 says:

    You definitely know what you are going for here. There is a clear progression to your thoughts and sequence to your paper. I have no knowledge or experience in music as it pertains to education. Basically, I listen to the radio and that is the extent of my music background. I will be very interested to read your paper. I’m sure I will learn a lot from it. Good work.

  7. janazubrick says:

    Does the outline address the important points given the topic of interest?
    Yes, it covers it very well.

    Does the outline include enough details (sub headings) that help the reader see the “big picture?”
    Yes, I think this covers in great detail where you will go with this paper

    How can the outline be improved?
    I think just a little definition to those that don’t know each item would’ve been helpful to understand that the bullets do cover each item you will cover.

    What are the strengths of the outline?
    You know your stuff and it’s evident. This outline could write the paper for you. It will take you very little to get to the end of your paper.

    Nice job!

  8. clkiger says:

    Great start, April. I know what to expect in your final paper and am looking forward to it. Until Robert’s class presentation on Media in PE, I hadn’t really thought about incorporating much technology and media into subjects such as art, music, and PE. It is interesting to see how each discipline uses technology in its own way. To strengthen your argument, you may want to bring in some of the research in the area.

  9. I would assume that technology has a great deal to offer to the music classroom. This looks like a good outline. I was looking for more in the section you have dedicated to Incorporating Technology in a Transformative Way. It could possibly become the most interesting section of your paper. I look forward to reading it.

  10. frankohara says:

    “This paper will discuss the traditional music classroom, the changing make up of music education at the secondary level, and how technology can be applied in a transformative way.”
    The outline is well structured. Technology and music I know little about. I certainly will yield my ideas to those that are in music education.
    You might want to consider your subject (performance, non performance, traditional / non traditional approaches) as it relates to learning theories, methodologies and methods. Does it vary by learners developmental level?
    Consider search the journals for possible models, successful strategies and applications. Also consider incorporating financial costs, (software, teaching)
    How will you evaluate / compare and contrast traditional vs technology based?

  11. esh4814 says:

    As another special area teacher I look forward to reading your paper. Make sure you include history and current research. “Technology use in traditional music classroom” I am interested in seeing your perspective in this area. Your outline seems like it has enough information and maybe even has to much for this particular paper. Overall you seem to have a solid base for your paper.

  12. josiegroves says:

    Interesting outline! I love how you address the changing needs of the music classroom. With the ever-changing face of music, it is important for music teachers to keep in mind the audience that they are addressing. I’d honestly never even though about it, but it would be super cool to go beyond the conventional music/band class and have ways to reach the students who wanted to learn more about digital music or maybe even producing music in their music classes. I’m not sure how that would work in most public schools due to financial reasons, but it’s still interesting to think about.

  13. dcmoffat71 says:

    Great outline! I can not wait to read your paper. You many look into how using technology could be used to flip or blend a music classroom. The transformation using these techniques could help strengthen your agreement. Great Job!

  14. Ugur Kale says:

    Specific audience and content…. Good focus. You may want to state a full argument (Claim+Reason) addressing the use/necessity of technologies in non-traditional classroom. It seems from your outline that you focus on the non-traditional music. Make sure your argument in the beginning includes this aspect. The idea is to be consistent throughout your paper.

    The most critical part of your outline is the last sections-5, 6, 7, 8. Yet, they constitute a rather small part of your entire outline. Finding readings specific to music education and examples how technologies may be used in non-traditional music will expand these sections.

    Good start!

    • wvuduwall says:

      Does the outline address the important points given the topic of interest?
      Yes, technology in the classroom

      Does the outline include enough details (sub headings) that help the reader see the “big picture?”
      Yes, and looking forward to reading section VI

      How can the outline be improved?
      Perhaps add details for those of us who are not familiar with music in the classroom

      What are the strengths of the outline?
      Subject and examples of incorporating technology

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