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I know I haven’t written in a while. It looks like my last post is from January and I was a little upset with the WV Department of Education for blocking a whole bunch of stuff. Thankfully, they saw the light and unblocked a few things once they realized the internet’s not all big and bad. But, instead of finding bloggable topics, I ignored you and spent my time on the Twitter. I shared with people. I posted links. I ENGAGED IN CONVERSATION WITH LIKE-MINDED (and sometimes not so like-minded) EDUCATORS!

I’ve got to admit, Blog….it was good. So. Damn. Good. Me and Twitter…well, what we had was special. Maybe it was a little too special. I was tweeting a lot. I’d share links just so I’d see them in my sent feed and remember to go back later and read them. I made plans with people…found out about events…Hell, how do you think I found out that Dick Clark had passed away? The news? Facebook? Nope…it was Twitter who broke it to me. Twitter was good for that…always just a few steps ahead of everyone else.

But those days are sadly gone. My district has decided it knows more than our state department of education and has blocked it, along with Hootsuite and TweetDeck and anything that might even give a hint as to find a way to post to Twitter. (They blocked a lot of things…screwed over a lot of teachers who can no longer access sites they regularly used in class for various activities…all in the name of progress?) I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything more from a county who thinks a projector and doc cam are the stars of the Using Technology show. (Who am I to tell them anything different?)

So, here I am…running back to you, Blog. Slightly broken, disconnected, and sorry. Maybe you can help me. Maybe you can provide me with a place to share or vent. Hopefully you’ll take me back and not hold a grudge. I am TRULY sorry for leaving you out in the cold.



PS: I’d rather be Tweeting.



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I’m a horrible blogger. I don’t think that’s a big secret to anyone who knows me.  I have good intentions. Several times this summer I’ve promised myself I’d write some blog posts…the family camping trip and my strange battle with snakes in my bedroom, to name a couple. Without fail something comes up and the narrative I’ve crafted in my head is forgotten.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that I’m an avid retweeter. I’m not bothered by that, but I do wonder if I *should* be bothered. Is sharing the thoughts of someone really contributing to a greater conversation? Am I being too hard on myself? Eh, don’t know.

I do know that I’d like to produce more. I don’t want to be just a consumer.

Now, what’s really holding me back? I have to admit, I’m pretty intimidated by my tweeps that are out there blogging.  I regularly check in with Bud Hunt, Nick Provenzano, and Joe Bower on their blogs. They’re smart guys. They have good blogs. Whether I agree with what they say or not, they get their thoughts down in a way I can appreciate. Is that my issue? Am I skeered???

Maybe I lack a purpose…maybe I don’t have anything to say…(Okay, we know THAT’S not true)…maybe I need to just get off my ass and write every day.

Yep, I think that last one is the key. Just shut up and do it, April.